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Another World

Another World - Philip Stott, Ronald Kirk, Desta Garrett, Copy Editor and Proofreader: Kimberly Winters Woods, Henning ven der Westhuizen I think my favorite genre has to be fantasy/science fiction. I love the make believe worlds of fantasy and enjoy the futuristic storyline that science fiction holds. I love heroes with a purpose, villains who want to ruin it all, and situations that could never happen - or could they?

"Another World" provided everything I adore about this genre. It combined past with future, and gave a fantastic twist to one of my most favorite Bible stories. When I was offered the chance to review this Christian Science Fiction story, I jumped at the chance out of plain curiosity. My curiosity paid off!!

This was one exciting and fascinating story. The use of dinosaurs and mag-sleds and a very well know story of the Bible made this a story that one knows, but at the same time, doesn't. It is real, terrifying, and yet seems so impossible, or is it?

Mr. Stott is a brilliant writer. He created a fantastic piece of Christian fiction that will delight anyone who enjoys reading fantasy or science fiction. It is not geared to either sex (unlike most sci-fi) so it can be enjoyed by all. It is suspenseful and exciting and will keep you wanting to keep reading - even though you are sure of the outcome. The end is no surprise, but will still leave you saying "WOW!!!" and leave you satisfied. I LOVED this book, and hope that Mr. Stott plans on writing much more in the future. He is brilliant!!!

This one comes HIGHLY recommended - for teens through adults!!!