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Journey's End

Journey's End - Dora Hiers First a warning - Before you decided to snuggle up with this book, make sure you get extremely comfortable and have all the basic needs surrounding you... your favorite blanket, a cup of tea (or coffee) and a nice comfortable chair that you won't mine sitting in for a long time, because once you start reading "Journey's End" you aren't going to want to put it down! This captivating read is not very long and with the nice pace of events, it is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages to see what is going to happen next.

I was surprised to see that this was Mrs. Hiers' debut novel, as it reads like one written by a seasoned author. She has all the elements that makes a great story: main characters with flaws that make them realistic, a tragedy that creates tension, a budding romance that isn't perfect, a lurking danger that keeps the reader interested and on edge - and all unfolding at comfortable pace that keeps one interested enough that there is no "good" place to put the book down!

This is truly one of the best romantic suspense novels I have read in a long time. I enjoyed the subtle inclusion of faith just where it belongs - realistic and far from over the top. Mrs. Hiers has impressed me with this first novel and I'm looking forward to her next books "Journey's Edge" and "Journey's Embrace". If this is any clue what the next two books hold, I know they will be fantastic!

Make sure to put this one on your must read list ASAP!

In conjunction with FIRST WildCard Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the author. I was not required to write a favorable review.