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The Boleyn King

The Boleyn King - Laura Andersen An absolutely fascinating read that kept me captivated from beginning to end! To imagine what would have happened if Anne Boleyn's child would have survived, makes this book's premises unusual and interesting, but the real hook is the voice that the author gives to each of the characters. She creates real people and creates convincing events! I kept having to remind myself that William wasn't real.

I'm amazed that this is Andersen's first novel, as she has produced a story that I would have expected from a much more seasoned author. I cannot wait to see what her next offering will bring!

If you enjoy historical fiction, novels about the fascinating lives of the Kings and Queens of England, or just a great story, you should like "The Boleyn King"! This novel comes highly recommended!

I received this novel as a First-Reads win.