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Guest House

Guest House - Barbara K. Richardson What an interesting book! In the beginning, I had a hard time following where things were going. The story started with Melba, then went to different characters, as I tried to see where things were going. Then, the story took on shape, as the characters came together. Looking back, the way the book started was really interesting. It had held my interest. I wanted to know where things were going to end up and why things were happening the way the were. When they all came together, the book was quite hard to put down, and the end was a real page-turner.

There characters were quite believable, and some I swore lived right near us! I imagine these people could be a neighbor that you would be able to identify. The storyline centers around a good soul who helps others when they are down on their luck. The story is full of hurt, hope, deceit, love, rewards and a lesson or two that is learned.

Adult rating: There are numerous sexual encounters, although not very graphic, alcoholism, drug usage, adultery, child neglect, physical and mental abuse, and language.