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Baby's Little Bible: Pink Edition

Baby's Little Bible: Pink Edition - Sarah Toulmin, Kristina Stephenson There is really no other word to describe this story Bible than precious. Unlike many of the other baby's Bibles I have seen, this one is to be used, read to, and understood by your sweet baby as he/she grows up. The illustrations are beautifully done, and will hold your little one's interest as you read the simple prose of some of our most beloved Bible stories.

As your baby grows older, it can be used as their own book to read from, something like "The Beginner's Bible". This is a book that will be used for many years, and will be well loved.

The padded cover makes a comfortable book to hold and to easy to wipe little fingerprints from. This is a wonderful first book to add to your child's library or would make a wonderful gift for the new/expecting parent. Truly this is something that will make a treasured and well used gift!