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A Shore Thing: An Otter Bay Novel

A Shore Thing: An Otter Bay Novel - Julie Carobini Callie Duflay is an energetic young woman who enjoys working as assistant camp director, and much to her family's horror, enjoys being involved in local causes. While walking the beach one day, Callie discovers that the Kitteridges are selling Otter Bay and it's being earmarked for development. She can't believe they would sell it, as they promised the property to the town. Since then, the otters have returned and were rebuilding their lives. Callie decides she should do something about it, and starts a group to try to stop the development.

Gage Mitchell is an eco-friendly architect who was hired to draw up plans to develop the Bay. He has the good, or maybe not so good, fortune of running into Callie and learns about her mission. For Gage, everything is riding on this job and Callie could ruin it all for him. Callie believes she is doing the right thing, and so is Gage. But as time goes on, will they discover what the right thing really is?

My comments:

I normally don't read romances, and gave up on Christian type romances quite a few years ago. They all seemed so... eh. Nothing thrilling nor exciting nor new. I wasn't really sure what I'd find between the pages of this book, and had put it off for a bit, because it was a romance. So, one really yucky day, I sat down and started reading. I was so surprised. What a delightful and heartwarming read! I became so wrapped up in the book, I found that a couple hours had gone by and I really didn't want to stop and put it down. The characters were fun, it had some humor, and held quite a bit of suspense throughout. It was truly an enjoyable read and one that I won't have a problem giving to my teenage daughter.

"A Shore Thing" is a beautiful book about family, friendship, love, commitment, keeping promises, faith, and hope. It has some very good messages behind it, making it not only entertaining, but a book with values that gives you something you can take away with you long after you've finished.